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 Lawton Lunce - THE RIGHT CHOICE for your party!

It is hard to believe that 2023 is my 26th year Djing and Broadcasting? I continue to be grateful for all the opportunities from Virginia back to Michigan.

The DJ journey began with a job application from a friend referring me to a DJ company that was hiring. Back in early 1998, I applied and interviewed with 2 Mobile DJ companies. Complete Music called and offered me a position as a Mobile DJ.

I was partnered up with a Veteran DJ for my first 3 events (Wedding Receptions). John helped lay a foundation for how I facilitate an event today.  I lucked out having someone train me so thoroughly.

Fast Forward to NOW! The Lawton Lunce Mobile Entertainment concept is an award-winning modern blend of artistic style. The old school DJ/ MC and the technology of today working together. 

Every client deserves to have the BEST experience at their party.  With a great plan and 100% effort, the result is success!

I look forward to making every event opportunity memorable!

  • Music Knowledge

  • 25+ years of Mobile DJ experience

  • Friendly Personality

  • Client Consultation

  • Party Facilitation

  • Extremely Open Minded

  • Professionally Trained MC

  • Broadcasting Degree

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